Funny Animals

14 days ago
Colt the Weimaraner/English labrador service dog patiently waited to eat the pile of treats that spelled out his name. Luckily, as soon as his owner said the magic words, Colt immediately gobbled his snacks.
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20 days ago
President Trump speaks out about the terror attack in New York. He is clearly angry and call the terrorists "animals" and calls for a swifter jusice system for people that do what they do. He says our current system is "a joke and laughing stock"
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20 days ago
This 450-pound seal decided to sunbathe on the runway of the Will Rogers Memorial Airport in Utqiagvik, Alaska. It caused flight delays for several passengers before animal control personal came in to remove the seal from the area.
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21 days ago
What could be more unsettling than coming across something you've never seen before? This corgi pup didn't know what to make of a small pumpkin he encountered in the kitchen. Meteorologist Danielle Banks has the details.
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2 months ago
Take a tour of the festivities surrounding the 29th annual Great Montana Sheep Drive in Reed Point in this 360 video.
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