2 days ago
Tunitas Creek Beach is bought by the Peninsula Open Space Trust so that it can be opened to the public
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9 days ago
Songwriters Kristen Anderson and Robert Lopez are on the red carpet talking about their role in the beautiful story that is 'Coco' and they helped bring the wonderful music to it.
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3 months ago
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Carrie Fisher's death certificate confirms that the actress died of a heart attack, but it says more investigation is needed to try to determine the underlying cause. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health issued the death certificate in the name of Carrie Frances Fisher. Fisher had the heart attack on a flight from London to Los Angeles on Dec.
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3 months ago
U.S. Supreme Court justices appeared sympathetic to a church that sued Missouri for denying it state taxpayer funds for a playground project in a closely watched religious rights case involving public money going to religious entities. Conservative and liberal justices on the nine-member court indicated that Trinity Lutheran Church in Columbia, Missouri should be allowed to apply for the state grant program that helps nonprofit groups buy rubber playground surfaces made from recycled tires.
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18 days ago
President Trump says there is great unity in the Republican Party and in fact he describes it as a "love fest". He also says he had a nice conversation with Senator John McCain.
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